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Creates visual theater


Interdisciplinary artist

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חשיפה בינלאומית 1.jpg

Sodom, a mythical place but also a geographical and historical site, becomes in the hands of Jackie Perel a live stage vision that is more relevant than ever. This political and poetic work is the result of much research that has uncovered archeological layers of taboos and superstitions...

Pinina sinks into the world of her paper dolls, until she no longer distinguishes between the leather embroidery and the paper,

Between one girl and her countless dolls,

between the constraining reality and the savior imagination. on hospital beds

It spreads out a dreamy - nightmarish space of consciousness...


A puppet theater that interprets a life story. A paper doll tries to escape from her childhood home. She is drawn to fantastic mental landscapes; Magical and terrifying, a mirror to her fears and dreams.

With a suitcase in hand, she arrives at an abandoned slum, where my uncle, a transgender solar boiler technician, and the girl he once was are wandering around...

17 years of creating miniature puppet theaters, in which a fragile paper figure appears with feverish, compulsive repetition. The paper dolls are so small that they are almost invisible, implying everything that could be torn, crumpled, trampled. "The toil, the compression, the haste that produces a formal overload, an emotional congestion, delicate as lace, endlessly overflowing with forms..."

תמונה לאתר.jpg

work in progress


When my father was young he adopted a falcon. Now, after his death I return to examine the father-daughter relationship through the gender-reversed myth of Icarus and Daedalus. A real feather archive in Germany and clinical boards where the bird is disassembled into its feathers are the stage and conceptual space through which the myth and relationships are examined.

מיצג גזירת שיער 1998 1.jpg

  Artistic accompaniment / accompaniment in visual language development  

שיכון גלויות_צילום_כפיר בולוטין.jpg

The work of Zoya Konigsberg and Shoshana Dror

Shoshana is the daughter of immigrants from Ethiopia and Zoya an immigrant from the Soviet Union. Both grew up in immigrant housing in the social periphery of Israel. They met in the youth boarding school. Today, after twenty years, they weave their experiences into one human story.

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