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Shikun Galuyot//
The work of Zoya Konigsberg and Shoshana Dror

Artistic-dramaturgical accompaniment and accompaniment in the development of visual language and dramaturgy
artistic help

Shoshana is a daughter of Ethiopian immigrants while Zoya emigrated from Russia. They both grew up in immigrant projects in Israel’s social periphery. They met at a youth movement boarding school. Now, twenty years later, they weave their experiences together to tell one humane story.

With a visual-stage language that combines drawings, objects, projections and metaphors, they surface questions regarding identity, the ability to see one another through our roots, language and culture, regarding Israeli society’s reference and the generation of their parents, as well as the sense of loss and disillusion from their new homeland.

// Zoya Knisberg about the process //


“After a two-year process of working on our play ‘Inhabiting of the Exiles,’ and just before our premier at the Holon Puppet Theater Festival, we’ve contacted Jacqueline Pearl (following Shachar Marom’s recommendation) to join us for artistic consulting and expending our play’s visual language. This turned out to be an amazing matchmaking!”

“Jackie joined our work organically. She helped me realize and expand many visual ideas that raged within me and that I wanted to execute within this work, and gave me refreshing points of view whenever I was stuck. Jackie brings with her rare qualities of creativity, vision, deep thought, inspiration, professionalism, commitment and partnership. Our work together was very enjoyable! We formed a special connection and friendship!”

“Jackie gave it her all and yet created a sensitive and respectful space, one that allows play and the investigating of ideas and various applications, while giving me autonomy as an artist. I whole heartedly recommend.”

* Premiered at the Holon International Festival for Puppet Theater

Created and Performed by Zoya Kenigsberg and Shoshana Dror | Art and dramatological consulting: Jackie Pearl, Brachi Liefshitz, Fabiana Meyukhas | Visual language: Zoya Knigsberg | Objects and mechanism building: Tal Shrir | Customs: Orit Shapira | Lighting design: Amir Kastro| Movement design: Inbar Sharon | showing a clip from “Birkat HaKas,” courtesy of the Israeli Movies Service | Produced with the help of: Independent Artist Foundation – Ministry of Culture and Sports | Pais – Pais Council for Culture and Art | Holon Puppet Theater Center, the piece was developed as part of the directors hub of Pais Council for Culture and Art hosted by Hana Vazana Grunwald and Dafna Karon | Photogarph: Kfir Bolting

*Premiered at the Holon International Puppet Theater Festival
The work of Zoya Konigsberg and Shoshana Dror Artistic accompaniment and dramaturgy: Brachi Lifshitz, Fabiana Mioyas,   Jackie Perel | Visual language: Zoya Konigsberg and Jackie Perel Music: Moran Maizels | Building objects and mechanisms: Tal Shir | Costumes: Orit Shapira Lighting design: Amir Castro Motion design: Inbar Sharon Acting: Zoya Konigsberg, Shoshana Dror Screening of an excerpt from "The Blessing of the Hex" courtesy of the Israeli Film Service Produced with the assistance of: The Fund for Independent Creators  -Ministry of Culture and Sports | The Lottery Factory - The Lottery Council for Culture and Art Holon Puppet Theater Center. The work was developed as part of the incubator for female directors of the Lottery Council for Culture and Art under the direction of Hana Wazena and Dafna Karon |

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