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Artistic counseling // Visual language development counseling

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Shoshana is a daughter of Ethiopian immigrants while Zoya emigrated from Russia. They both grew up in immigrant projects in Israel’s social periphery. They met at a youth movement boarding school. Now, twenty years later, they weave their experiences together to tell one humane story.

With a visual-stage language that combines drawings, objects, projections and metaphors, they surface questions regarding identity, the ability to see one another through our roots, language and culture, regarding Israeli society’s reference and the generation of their parents, as well as the sense of loss and disillusion from their new homeland.

Visual language development

The show 'Peqaat' is the product of a joint creation of Palestinian and Jewish women within the project 'From the different to the common - from the personal to the political' under the joint leadership of the 'Ahoti' movement - for women in Israel and the 'Aros ElBahar' association for women in Jaffa.

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