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The Hedghog

A Transgender sun-heated water tank technician and the girl he once was and a paper figurine meet on the roof. They are all outsiders, possess of a scattered identity of body and mind, homeless. An endless horizon of sun-heated water tanks spreads in front of them, suggesting a hope for love.

The Hedgehog is a puppet theater project that unfolds a whole life. A paper figure trying to escape her childhood home, drawn to fantastic landscapes inside her soul, scary, magical, a reflection of her dreams and fears. She arrives in the abandoned poor side of town with a small suitcase. The paper figure and Soli the Sun-heated water tank technician wander around. They share an inevitable tragic faith. They struggle to have a different ending, where gender and social classes cease to exist, where they could make peace with their outsiderness, where anomalous can receive love

Artist and performer: Jackie Pearl | Music and Co-creator: Ophir Baron | Composition of the song: Ann-Elizabeth Nudelman | Technical Support: Oshra | Producer: Neomi Dahan | Artistic Consultants: Ira Avneri, Moran Aviv, Yair Vardi|   Direction consultant: Amit Drori And Roni Mosenzon| Based on the Texts of Eli Eliyahu

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The hedgehog

Tribute to “The Hedgehog” 

“The Hedgehog” trailer

Eli Eliyahu, whose texts serve as the basis for the art piece “The Hedgehog” reads a personal text at the Sex Acher: The Annual Conference for LGBTQ Studies and Queer Theory, Tel Aviv University.
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Photographer: Debbie Farber

Photographer: Sivan Shachor
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