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Archaeology of a paper figurine//

An archeology of a doll-figure This exhibition accompanies my theater play, “Pnina Lev Niyar”. the exhibition shows a retrospective of 17 years of work with miniature puppetry. The main theme is a repetitious, fragile, compulsive paper figure. It is small, almost torn, easy to destroy, wrinkle, and ruin. It is intensive, stuffed, and full of visual and emotional redundancy. The surrounding of the figure is full of details, labyrinth-like, gentle as lace, and resemble relics or inner organs, a heart, a womb.


Some spectators felt while seeing the exhibition it was highly dense, almost autistic, uncomfortable and unbalanced. As if, the paper was full of dream and reality simultaneously. I want to show a process that refers to an archeological process, brushing off the dust to see broader, more ancient and complex history of the character, a story long gone. 17 years in “paper figure years” equals 10,000 years. Ink goes dull, the paper goes yellow, breaks; gets buried under the years passed by. The history of this figure inspired theater maker Hannah Vazana Greenfeld to create with me the play.


The exhibition accompanies it and allows the spectators to go deeper in familiarizing with the paper figure, seeing a rigid universe of creation and emotion, which caresses and hurt at the same time.

Photographer: Guy Aon
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